Divine Profit Formula 

 Consistent Five Figure Months Made Simple and Guilt Free
(even if you’re just getting started)

In this mini-course you will: 

  1. Learn the first ingredient (that most biz books are missing) to set you up for consistent five figure months without guilt

  2. Integrate your personal power with key business actions to streamline work and amplify result

  3. Uncover the rituals result-driven bosses have and make them your own for more YESes now

It is your divine right to receive wealth. 

As conscious entrepreneurs we get that we matter.
We also know that the work that we are doing in this world matters.
Furthermore, we believe that we are worthy of receiving abundantly
— and it can be simple and guilt free. 

In our three part mini course we’ll support you to embrace ease and surrender self-judgement that comes from receiving wildly.

Lesson 1:
Build a foundation that allows for judgement-free abundance. We’ll dive into the first ingredient most business books miss that sets us up to win out of the gate and feel proud the entire way.

Lesson 2:
Tap into the crucial role your personal power plays in tandem with key business actions that streamline work and amplify results.

Lesson 3:
Customize rituals that support you to celebrate wealth and generate it limitlessly with flow and ease. 

Are we on the same page? 

Do you want to know the simple steps in the formula that can create consistent five figure months without feeling guilty?

Join us for this three part mini-course if you are ready to embrace your divine right of being wealthy. 

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"My income doubled!" 

"I had recently moved back to my hometown and opened my own massage practice when I started working with Lisa. At the time, I didn't have a full schedule, and finances were tight.

Within two months of working with Rise Leadership Circle, my monthly income doubled as a result! My mindset has also shifted from always focusing on lack to now focusing on abundance. This is a huge part of why I am where I am now. More clients, more positive, believing in abundance, more financial freedom!"

- Nikki L.

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During our 3 sessions together we will: 

  • Learn how energetic alignment sets apart those who generate results fast and frequently and those who are always hustling to get a yes.

  • Break free from the guilt we subconsciously place on ourselves with thinking, “Who am I to make this much money?”

  • Lean into your divinity as a powerful creator

  • Own your worthiness so that you don’t sabotage wealth

  • Create rituals to sustain five figure months

  • Uncover the steps necessary to make receiving money faster and easier

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Divine Results: 

"I made $30,000 this quarter and paid off debt!”
- Chris W. Coach for Wellness Entrepreneurs

“I received $10,000 by manifesting a bonus and earning extra from my energy work business.”
- Cathy L. Corporate Executive and Energy Healer

“I am in overflow! I upgraded my camera and computer and was able to go on two vacations.”
- Brita H. Photographer

“I made $50,006 in 90 days!!!! This makes such a huge difference for my family.”
- Alex V. Website Designer

“I generated $12,345 by empowering women in their life and business.”
- Jess V. Event Planner

“I am 20 pounds down and my $25,000 goal is met!”
- Hope D. Esthetician

“I made more money in the first four months this year than I did all of last year.”
- Kasey H., Photographer 

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Want us to let the cat out of the bag on what the
Divine Profit Formula is? 

Energetic Alignment + Inspired Action = Divine Results

Here’s the thing, just knowing the formula isn’t enough. We need to understand how it works, and the steps we can take to put it into action.

This is exactly what we’re going to do together during our time in this three part mini-course.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while and are already on your way to consistent $10k+ months, or if you are just getting started, the Divine Profit Formula can support you to the next level.

It works because energy is power. Understanding wealth consciousness and putting it into practice inevitably creates success. 

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We're Kaela & Lisa...

A mother-daughter coaching duo serving conscious entrepreneurs who are committed to building six and seven figure businesses. We stand for women to own their power, value, and worth so that they can be well paid and live a prosperous life.

We’re the co-founders of Rise Leadership Circle; which is a community where women are guided to experience deep transformation and also are provided with the resources to create six figure + businesses and the lives that come with it. We live in the midwest, are crazy about our dogs, and drink champagne on the regular.

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“I just surpassed $100,000 so far this year, it’s only July 12.”

“I put in my notice to my full time job two weeks after starting to work with Kaela, this was my dream. I reached six figures in my first year as a full time entrepreneur and am on track to more than double it this year. I believe in myself and am empowered to reach my goals.”

- Kate M., Photographer 

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Pssst....we have a bonus for you too! 

Support Your Client with the
3 Most Common Objections for an on-the-spot YES. 

When you register a friend to participate in this 3 day mini-course, Divine Profit Formula, we’ll bonus you one of our favorite masterclasses!

This masterclass will be held privately just for those who register a friend for Divine Profit Formula.

Send your business bestie this link and invite her to sign up too!


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